The Hustlers

Darren Jacknisky

Bluefish Studios is an Edmonton-based commercial photography studio. For nearly three decades Bluefish has produced images for a variety of clients, from fashion to oilsands, throughout western Canada.
When he’s not taking photos or working with clients he enjoys cruising the back roads of Alberta on his bike and spending time knee-deep in a trout stream throwing little pieces of feather and fur to hungry trout.

Gord Montgomery
The dedication that I have to my craft has given me the skills to design work that stands out and delivers real results. My goal is to create powerful, on-point design strategies that go deeper and push for insightful visual truths. My passion for creating has led me to immerse myself in the Edmonton advertising and design community for over 10 years as a designer and creative director.

Chris Cooper
What has given me the most excitement throughout my life, has been the endless journey for understanding new things. Some stick, some fall away, some fail miserably in a giant ball of flame, but the lessons remain. We’re only here for so long, so we might as well learn about the things that interest us. This perspective has served me well for the past 18 years in my role as a graphic designer. And has been the fuel for my many side hustles. Never underestimate the power of curiosity and drive.
Rachel Headshot

Rachel Beyer
Rachel Beyer is an Edmonton-based graphic designer, illustrator, motion designer & woodworker. She attended MacEwan University and holds a diploma in Design and Illustration. A GDC Alberta North board member, Rachel is the chair of Events, and is actively involved the local Design community. She has a love for working with her hands and in her spare time, she loves to draw, carve wooden spoons and experiment with a variety of new media, all of which inform the work she creates. Rachel works at a boutique studio in the city.

Nicola Pringle
With a love for design and illustration and the belief that good creative can be a catalyst for change, Nicola has found her passion and home in advertising. After 10 years in the Edmonton industry she has worked her way up from production artist to creative director at one of the top agencies in the city, garnering many of the industries most sought after national and international awards along the way. Although some of those awards are very very shiny, the biggest reward of all is the real and positive affect many of her campaigns have had on important social issues like homophobia, STI awareness, drug awareness and equal opportunity for women.
Amanda Headshot

Amanda Schutz
Amanda graduated from MacEwan University’s Design and Illustration program before founding Curio Studio in 2002. Over a decade later, Curio has blossomed into a graphic design firm recognized for creative and memorable work. Amanda has created everything from print to branding to advertising campaigns, with a passion for illustration often weaving into the work. Her personal projects are diverse but most often inspired by the colours and patterns within nature. Amanda's latest undertaking was creating over 30 original drawings, paintings and surface patterns depicting Edmonton's River Valley Lichen Species. Visit her work online at

Christy Forsythe
I’m an art director by title and a graphic designer by nature. Since I can remember, I was designing birthday cards for my friends on my Commodor 64, and business cards for my parents on an ancient PC. That passion has only continued to grow – into a devotion and talent for impeccable design, creative strategy, and most of all, innovative and moving work. With ample experience in branding, advertising, packaging, and web design, I’ve developed into a savvy thinker and distinctive designer backed by exceptional technical expertise.

When I am not behind a computer, I spend as much time as I can in the outdoors – camping, fishing and hiking with my husband and young daughter. I am also a woodworker, knitter, gardener, runner, snowboarder, popcorn lover, and cat cuddler.

Bryce D’Andrea
I’m not one for writing bios about myself, or even talking about myself in general. I always try to do the best I can with the work I do. I'm an art director. An idea guy who likes to be part of the whole process of creation and execution. And along the way, I've picked up other skills and passions that make me better at my job. From shooting and editing video, to finding the right work/life balance by escaping into nature whenever I can. Over the years, I've learned that collaboration is the key to all great work. When good people work together awesome things can happen. Which is why, when Darren asked if I wanted to be part of the hustle, the answer was easy.

Pete Nguyen

Pete is a multi-disciplinary Art Director, designer, and illustrator from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. His diverse portfolio includes a decade of magazine art direction, a multitude of band branding, album art, merchandise design and restaurant and business murals. His entrepreneurial pursuits include the successful mens accessories company, Offal Goods, and the coming-soon Sea Change Brewing Co.