About The Hustle

It is a magical thing when a need finds an idea.

I had a need to do develop this project good for my own peace of mind. The idea was to reach out to people I have worked with over the years and ask them to help me tell some stories.
— Darren Jacknisky

THE HUSTLE is a collaboration between Bluefish Studios and a group of Edmonton creatives looking for an excuse to do good work. Connecting to tell stories of great people who have woven their passions with self-determination into side hustles. Taking time and energy outside of their daily grind to create and explore something beyond their comfort level. I have been overwhelmed by how people have jumped on the idea and have wanted to participate.

This project started from a recognition that I wanted to restart my own hustle and find different ways of doing things. In looking at what that meant, I was excited by people who feed their creative sides with hustles. I found that other Edmonton creatives were just as motivated to be involved in a project like this as I was. Their interest in helping me bring this idea to life has been inspiring. This project is about finding the way back to the creative process and taking chances, trying new things, or old ones and doing more. The overlapping of various voices and visions will develop a patchwork quilt of visuals that speaks to our local talent.

New Hustles will be added as the project unfolds, and we are looking for new stories to tell, and people who want to tell them. If you want to be a part of this project, connect with me at darren@bluefishstudios.ca.

To stay in the loop, follow us on Instagram at @the_hustle_yeg.

Thanks… Darren

Project Credits

A huge thank you to the additional Hustlers involved in the back end of this project. They were kind enough not to tell me how much of a hill this project was going to be… and even kinder for climbing the hill with me. Without their help and hustle this project would have never gotten off the ground.

Thanks to…

Nigel Hood – Concept development and logo designs

Dave Papineau – Website development and design

Grant Currie – Web design of Hustle stories