Jiu-jitsu coach Steve Winjet has used a not so obvious truth to transform his own life experience, and develop a passion for showing others the strength of a calm mind and where it can take them. Through Jiu-jitsu, an environment that is about combat and submission, he has created a “pride of tribe” that fosters mutual respect and understanding of an opponent, a familyhood that is bonded on both sides of the mat.

There is a natural assumption that violence, force, and aggression are at the core of martial arts and changing raw steel into usable objects.

The truth is the opposite, it requires patience and a calmness of mind. An awareness to read what your opponent or steel wants to do, and using that to achieve your goal.

Find solitude in the surroundings you have built.

What you see, and what others see, depends on your perspective.

When it comes to transforming steel, combining heat, pressure and a degree of force which come together to bring an idea to life. Like in Jiu-jitsu a calm mind plays a big part in knowing what the steel needs. 

The patience to wait for the right cherry red glow that tells you it is ready. To use the force needed to change the molecular structure of the steel but so not much that it becomes brittle and breaks.



Enter this arena with a need to change, redefine what is there and to remove what has been added over time. Elements may have been needed at one point, to reinforce strength and fill a space between perceived and actual value. Value that has been spread thin to achieve what it was told to be. 

What pushes you further?

A never ending drive for more. We all have it, yet for some the voice is louder and more persuasive. In some cases, "more" means stuff, treasures and symbols of status. For others, "more" is about time, knowledge, or a group you build a life around. 

When you work to see more in others, you gain an opportunity to see past the obvious and see things for what they could be. It's an opportunity to find the potential that lies deeper within. 

How you do one thing, is how you do everything.

Walk into a room, prepare a meal, connect with a friend or make a new one. All of these things convey who you are. Nothing is separate from the individual.  So what does  mindfulness achieve when you use it towards learning something new?



Seeing past what initially lies before you and seeing what's within and what it could be. Unlocking the potential that lies within, is the start of the creative process.

The path of an idea, ends in a desired result.

With the persistence of mindful repetition, you begin to see change. The physical form that began this process was not intend to remain the same. The opportunity for change can be witnessed because the drive to change was always there.



After all the time is put in, and what was not needed  removed, you begin to see what it is you are left with.  This is now the time to refine, nothing remains that you have not looked over, there are no surprises, everything is based on feel.


Chris Cooper


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